Weston Martinez Files Sanctuary Complaint With Texas Attorney General

AUSTIN – Weston Martinez, conservative candidate for Railroad Commissioner, filed a Sanctuary Complaint yesterday with the Texas Attorney General against the San Antonio Police Department for potential violations of SB 4 adopted by the 85th Legislature. The complaint stems from facts Mr. Martinez became aware of that took place on or around December 23, 2017. The complaint reads in part:

On or about Dec. 23, 2017, a truck carrying what is believed to be illegal aliens was detained by the San Antonio police in San Antonio. The matter seemed to be a case of human smuggling as the truck originated in Laredo, TX.

However, I am concerned with how the case was handled by the SAPD chief and that this case may have been compromised, and the public safety may be placed at risk as a result.

The truck driver is/should be a person of interest in a smuggling operation, and federal law enforcement is trying to develop a case against a smuggling operation. The detained driver is key in this investigation.

Also, there was a Black SUV’s that removed the majority of the people from the trailer and they should be considered dangerous suspects in the human smuggling case. It appears Bexar County District Attorney, Nico LaHood, disagrees with the Chief’s handling of the case and will seek testimony against the driver.

But where are the witnesses, the smuggled people or illegal aliens? They were “released” to a local nonprofit, and those people have disappeared. This has damaged a strong case against illegal alien immigration and human smuggling.

“The people of Texas are tired of liberal rogue cities and police chiefs in major metropolitan areas not enforcing our immigration laws and endangering Texans,” said Martinez. “I filed this complaint in my personal capacity, but as your next Railroad Commissioner you can be sure I’ll fight everyday to uphold the rule of law, conduct myself honestly and ethically, and protect our conservative way of life,” concluded Martinez.

The Attorney General’s Office allows Sanctuary Complaints describing the process as follows:

“Any citizen living within a jurisdiction that has an unlawful sanctuary policy or employed by an institution of higher education with an unlawful sanctuary policy may file a sworn or legal unsworn complaint with the Texas Attorney General’s Office. The statement must include a list of the facts supporting the complaint and state under penalty of perjury that the facts are true and correct to the best of the citizen’s knowledge.

If the Attorney General determines that a covered local entity appears to have violated the anti-sanctuary provisions, the Attorney General may bring suit against the local entity to seek an injunction to compel future compliance, seek a civil penalty, or removal of the official from office. For detainer violations, the Attorney General may bring suit against the local entity for the same remedies if there is an intentional violation. Local prosecutors may also pursue misdemeanor charges against officials for intentionally violating the detainer provisions.”

More about Weston Martinez:

Weston Martinez is a fourth generation Texas conservative grassroots leader with a history of service to the Republican Party and proven results. Martinez has served as an elected member of the State Republican Executive Committee and is a current Texas Real Estate Commissioner, appointed by Governor Perry and now serving under Governor Abbott. He has advised numerous Republican candidates and elected officials at the state, local and national levels.

He is a leading conservative voice for Hispanics in the United States and has led the fight against voter fraud to ensure ballot integrity in South Texas. He also delivered a rebuttal to Julian Castro’s DNC national convention speech in 2008.

Martinez has been blessed with a diverse professional career including as an oil and gas business development and government affairs strategist. With almost twenty years in the regulated telecommunications industry and now the oil and gas industry, Martinez has a unique pro-business, free market approach and has been successful identifying solutions where others see only problems. Martinez was an NCAA bull rider at Texas A&M Kingsville, and later Wayland Baptist University where he earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration.

Weston & his wife, Geneva, have been married eighteen years and they have five beautiful children. They are active members of Friendship Church and reside in San Antonio, Texas.

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